Women's Kickboxing Bootcamp

Want to get in shape?

Women’s Only Kickboxing Bootcamp (beginners program) workouts at Montreal ‘s H2O are the best around. Our unique program will get you into the best shape of your life! Whether you want to lose weight or just sculpt your body, this class will do it for you.

Is it okay that I’m a beginner?

Yes! 100% This class is dedicated to beginners who want to learn all the basic techniques and just get in shape doing it. This is a non-competitive class, where learning and supporting each others goals is always #1 (click here for the schedule).

What are the benefits of Kickboxing?

Your women’s only kickboxing class will work your cardio, abs, buns, and legs like never before. With every punch and kick you throw, you will be sculpting every muscle in your body. It’s also the best cardiovascular workout you’ll ever experience, without the boredom usually involved in your traditional treadmill and aerobics classes.

Why is Kickboxing better than other forms of exercise?

Not only do you get the best workout, the best self-defense techniques, but it is one of the most entertaining/stress relieving things to do. There is really nothing more stress relieving and empowering than letting yourself go while punching and kicking on our padded shields.

What types of things will I be doing in this Women’s Kickboxing Class?

This class incorporates focus mitt work, innovative kickboxing drills, self-defense, cardio drills (skipping rope), Circuit Training, Boot Camp, interval training, strength conditioning, pilates & yoga to stretch you out for a leaner longer body. *Note: Kickboxing can burn close to 1000 calories an hour!

Sounds great! How do I get started?

All you need to start is some comfortable workout clothes and yourself. Call 514-814-9006 to get more information.

There is no doubt about it, H2O’s Montreal Women’s Only Kickboxing Program is the best and most effective training session around!


Try your first training for only 10$ at H2O MMA today!

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