Muay Thai Kickboxing

Want to get in shape?

Muay Thai Kickboxing workouts at Montreal ‘s H2O are the best around. Our unique program will train you like a professional boxer/kickboxer (with technique & conditioning) to get you into the best shape of your life (Schedule & Prices).

Is it okay that I’m a beginner?

Yes! 100% This class is perfect for all levels (Men & Women) including beginners. Our instructors will give teach you all the basics and demonstrate every technique to get you started. You do NOT have to be a professional fighter to train here. If your goal is to learn real Muay Thai techniques and or just get in great shape, without getting hit, then this kickboxing school is for you.

I am looking to get into competition and become pro. Is this class good for me?

Yes! For the advanced Muay Thai Kickboxers, in our boxing ring, you will get the most innovative training and sparring sessions available. We have many professional fighters who make the trip to do this class. The techniques, strategy, padwork and sparring drills will bring your Muay Thai and boxing skills to the next level!

How is this different than those aerobox classes offered at those other gyms?

This is more than your regular cardio kickboxing class. No punching in air for hours, you will actually get to work the pads like a real fighter. You will learn how to punch and kick with real technique. And you will be learning from one of the best strikers & coaches in Montreal, 2 time UGC Super Lightweight Champion, Richard Ho.

What kind of workout am I to expect from this Muay Thai Kickboxing Class?

Expect a real fighters workout. Over 1 hour of the most exciting, eye opening, adrenaline rushing 3 minute rounds of your life. All the while mastering the most powerful (Boxing) punching & (Muay Thai) kicking combinations in the world. Be ready for thai pad work, focus mitt work, innovative kickboxing drills, cardio drills, interval training, strength & conditioning. (*Note: Kickboxing can burn close to 1000 calories an hour!)

Sounds great! How do I get started?

All you need to start is some comfortable workout clothes and yourself. Call 514-814-9006 to get more information.

Trial Class

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